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Green Gold Mill

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Green Gold Mill is located in Um AlTout village in Jenin established in early 2020, Most of the olives come from Jenin area which is 37,342 dunams (37.3 km2 or 14.4 sqm), the longest distance from the groves is 30 min away, which means that produced olive oil has specific characteristics and with the same traditions and farmers practices, this brings up this fresh pungent flavor with a fruity touch at the end of the season.

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Olive trees have covered Palestine for thousands of years, Jenin/Palestine was known as the bread basket of the region, farmers knew that olive oil was the crude of the civilizations for centuries because it was not only a primary source of nutrition it was an indispensable fuel for lamps, medicine, it was cosmetics, it’s impossible to exaggerate the monumental importance of olive oil throughout human history, both the olive oil and the olive tree where secret to all civilizations that has passed through Palestine.

Olive Oil is the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diets an essential nutritional mainstay for the world’s longest living cultures. Many of the health promoting effects of the Mediterranean diet have been attributed to Olive Oil consumption. Our farms have more than 250,000 Olive trees, and it uses the most modern Olive Oil milling machines. It produces tens of tons of Olive Oil that contains less acid.

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